Best Core Training Exercise to Get Six Pack Abs


What is Core?

Core refers to the muscles around our trunk and pelvis i.e. the abs, chest, back and down to the pelvic floor. Our functional movements are highly dependent on this part of the body. Lack of strength in these areas, affects our stability. Core stability is very important to protect our spine and surrounding musculature from injury.

Which muscles form the Core?

You must have noticed that fitness trainers at the gym, always reminds us to engage the core when doing exercises. Core exercises train the muscles in our pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony which in turn gives us a better balance and stability.

Why is Core training important?

Core muscles are important as they serve as a base for strength, power, endurance and coordination. Attaining core strength means acquiring proper posture and saving the back from injuries while doing rapid movements or while lifting weights.

In order to evaluate our core strength, we must check our static core strength, dynamic core strength and posterior core strength. Exercises like plank, side plank helps to understand the static core strength while the knees to chest and toes to bar, hanging leg raises analyses the dynamic core strength. The dead lifts are for the posterior core stability.

Common Exercises for Core Strength

1. Planks

Plank helps to develop strength in the core, shoulders and arms.

Man in plank position

2. Side Planks

Start doing Side Planks – to achieve a strong core and abs of steel

Side Plank
Girl doing side planks

3. Hanging Leg Raises

One of the best exercises for developing abdominal and core strength.

Hanging Leg Raises
Woman leg raises

4. Deadlifts

The key core strength building exercise.

Dead lift with barbells

However, it is very important to correct our postures while training ourselves with the above mentioned core exercises. There are many professional personal trainers in Singapore who can train the correct form and guide us to attain the stronger self.

So without any more delay, let’s focus on building core stability first and then, proceed to build our core strength! Get a personal trainer.