Hunting for a house to rent or buy in Singapore?

How easy it is to find a house to rent or buy in Singapore?

If you are trying to find a house to rent or buy in Singapore, you will most probably start with searching on the internet, then short-listing the Ads and calling on the listed phone number. Most likely you will end up with property agents picking up your calls. The property agents will then set up meetings with you to show you around several houses in Singapore. When I moved to Singapore in 2011, I had to visit 24 different houses with 11 different property agents before I could get to the one of my choice. This was a whole month activity and off course tiring. In Singapore, generally you will have to go via a property agent to do all the legal work for you.

Find a House

Find a house in Singapore
Find a house in Singapore
Why does it take so much of effort?

The property advertisements on the internet do not have complete information or details that answers your needs. For example, I was looking for a house with bigger living room with a balcony and a space to setup my own gym. A typical Ad is very generic that says how big the house is, the number of rooms and bathrooms with some pictures. Most of the time, we go by the price and if the pictures are impressive we call the advertiser or rather the property agent. If you are not lucky, you will most likely be disappointed when you visit the house for one or more reasons. For example, there could be parking for only one car while you needed a second one for your wife’s car. This story could be similar with the rest of the Ads you have short-listed to view with a property agent. In the end, after a long vested time you find your ideal house. When you think about it, all you needed was someone who could understand all your criteria and show you a house that exactly met them rather than showing you 20 different houses that does not meet your needs.

What is the solution?

StringsSG provides a platform where you can post your housing needs with a few clicks and set your own criteria like budget, location, urgency, house or room sizes or anything you want in your house, there are no limitations. Your request will most likely get multiple responses from multiple property agents. To keep it simple and easy for you, StringsSG has the algorithm and artificial intelligence to sort the responses based on the match percentage of how much a property agent can meet your criteria. You also get to view the ratings and review of the property agent on his profile. Previous success stories of the property agent may also be listed on his or her profile. In the end, you choose the property agent you like the most.

To conclude, if you wish to save time on your house hunting, your only action is to:

  • Submit your request on StringsSG with the list of all your criteria.
  • View responses of the property agents with higher match percentage to your criteria.
  • You may choose to initiate conversation with multiple property agents using the integrated chat system.
  • Before finalizing on the agent, make sure to view his or her profile ratings and reviews. We also helps you with other services like insurance and savings plan, handyman services, beauty and massage services, maid services, aircon services, interior designing, personal fitness trainer, food catering services, wedding and other event planning services.

StringsSG is dedicated to serve the people of Singapore.

Is finding a service in Singapore easy?

It was a Saturday morning and I woke up late after a Friday late night movie. As usual headed to the toilet and while opening the bathroom door, it broke. Somehow I managed to pull it aside and thought of getting it fixed the next day as I already had pre-planned activities for the day. I was meeting a few financial advisors to help me with an insurance and savings plan. Later in the day, I had to finalize on a food catering service for an upcoming event, which was just a week ahead.

Find a Service
Find a Service

I ended up using the open door bathroom and got ready to meet the three financial advisors lined up for discussion. My wife and I had already met a few the previous weekend but nothing was impressive. The plan was to meet up at a coffee shop. My wife and I had done the homework on what exactly we expect from these investments.

The first advisor was a very young man who seemed to be in his early 20s. He had been doing this job for 6 months only and was having a hard time explaining the policy. It felt like our 45 minutes got wasted.

It was time to meet the second advisor. He seemed much more experienced and knew all the jargons used in the financial investment sector. He understood my needs, but it looked like he did not have any offer to serve me. He tried his best to change my thoughts and sometimes even tried to manipulate it. I felt being pushed into an impulsive purchase of one of the policy he had to offer. I am sure this is a very common scenario as this was not my first such experience.

The third advisor was a woman. She seemed excited and started her sales pitch without even listening to my requirements. I had to literally stop her, off course in a nice way and tell her what I was looking for. She gave up instantly. She seemed confident and knowledgeable only on the products that she was selling or rather her company wanted her to sell, but did not really have a picture of what a customer might look for.

It was almost evening and we had wasted 3 hours without any result.

It was now time to arrange for the food catering services. My wife and I decided to Google for some catering services online. Google showed us several catering services. Now the problem was, which one do I choose? They all had their phone numbers listed, but I really did not have the patience to call them one by one with my enquiries. Nobody wants their guests to have a bad experience of food but, there was no way to find a review of the caterers service and food quality. After hours of search, my wife and I used a pen paper to short-list the caterers and eventually decided to call them later as it was getting too late.

Being completely exhausted, we dropped the plan of fixing the bathroom door and decided to go over to a friend’s house for some beer and make the day a little better. There we watched a movie and drank gallons of beer. It was 1:00 am already and we had to head back home. Off course, the only way was to use one of the online cab booking apps. I booked the cab and it was at the doorstep in 3 minutes.

We got into the cab and the first thing I said to my wife – “What a day… I wish everything was as easy as finding the cab…” After a long pause… my wife responded – “Why not! We can build something that helps to find the insurance and savings plan… the food catering service… a handyman to fix the bathroom door”. It was that day, that, we decided to build StringsSG:

  • A platform that can help people request for a service that meets their need and criteria just with a few clicks.
  • A platform that has the algorithm and artificial intelligence to sort the responses from service providers based on a higher match percent to the customer’s needs.
  • A platform that allows the customer to view the service provider’s ratings, reviews and past success stories on their profile.
  • A platform that allow service providers to build connection with potential clients, share their success stories, post free Ads and build a strong portfolio to gain trust of the customers.

This gave birth to StringsSG – dedicated to serve the people in finding the right service providers.