Welcome to StringsSG blogs! We aim to provide people a platform to connect with service providers in the sector of real estate, financial investment and insurance, fitness, food catering, domestic services, repair services, wedding and event, planning aircon services, beauty services and interior designing…


How it works

StringsSG provides a platform where you can request a service with a few clicks and set your own criteria like budget, location, urgency or any other details of your requirement, there are no limitations. Your request will most likely get multiple responses from multiple service providers.

To keep it simple and easy for you, StringsSG has the algorithm and artificial intelligence to sort the service provider’s responses based on the best match percentage to your needs.

You also get to view the ratings and reviews of the service providers on their profile. Previous success stories of the service providers may also be listed on their profile. In the end, you choose the service provider you like the most.

You can also use the chat system to further discuss with multiple service providers before finalizing the deal.