Top 7 benefits of functional training you need to know!

Functional fitness exercises

In the first place, it is very important to understand that, we need to train for life and not for events. Functional fitness is all about training ourselves to build a stronger body for our everyday activities. This fitness cum weight loss program is a bridge between personal training and physical therapy.

1. Strengthen muscles

The target of functional exercises is to strengthen various muscle groups of our body. When our muscles are strong, it improves the overall physical stability and thus helps us to perform daily activities with minimum risks and greater ease.

2. Brings in balance and coordination

Functional exercises include various exercises like single leg balance exercises, lunges, step-ups etc. all of which trains our body to balance and coordinate and thereby create a synergy within our body.

Functional fitness exercises
Girl UGI Ball for Functional fitness

3. Good posture 

We all fall prey to bad postures through our day to day activities. People with desk bound jobs often suffer with spinal issues. Functional fitness exercises are a solution to such bad posture problems.

4. Improves muscle memory

Functional fitness involves repetition of same exercises in few sets which boosts our muscle memory as they exercise our brain too.

5. Core strength and stability

Functional fitness exercises like crunches helps to strengthen our core and in turn betters our spine too.

Functional Exercises
A strong core means ownership of power, strength and stability

6. Power

Functional exercises focus on both upper and lower body. Multiple reps of exercises like push-ups, squats, bur pees helps to develop total body strength and power. This further helps us to move quickly in real life activities.

7. Reduces joint pains

Functional fitness helps the body to get back to basics i.e. back to the form it is designed to move and perform. These exercises are very beneficial for chronic joint pains in back, neck or knee.

Goodbye to joint pains with functional fitness exercises
spine of man and woman in pai

So, the idea is to stay fit year-round. Personal trainers teach these functional exercises which helps to train the muscles and prepare them to perform daily tasks proficiently. So get in touch with the right weight loss trainer or bodybuilding trainer  and get more functionally fit!

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